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Welcome to your favorite real sex doll shop – A realistic sex doll brand founded by a former sex doll product expert. Favdoll is an authorized sex doll seller that only provides your favorite realistic sex dolls. Finding a trustworthy sex doll store and buying your own dolls is hard work, we want to take the burden off for you.
Here you will find an assortment of high-quality, lifelike love dolls at competitive prices, making our shop an efficient way to purchase these accessories discreetly and affordably. With options suitable for every preference and budget. Our collection features dolls constructed of premium materials like silicone and TPE, with realistic features that make them feel like real companions. We aim to provide a safe shopping experience through discreet packaging and secure payment solutions. No matter your pleasure or companionship needs, our store has the ideal sex doll to meet them both. Below we explore all the types of sex dolls we carry, their features, benefits, and how they can be tailored specifically to meet individual preferences.
You will be buying your first dolls here at Favdoll, here's what we can offer you:
  • Authentic quality dolls only
  • Price match guarantee
  • 24 hours cancellation
  • No fake promotion
  • Great communication
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What is a realistic sex doll?

Sex dolls are life-size, specially designed objects of pleasure modeled after real people with a variety of customizable features. These realistic sex dolls can be used alone or in sexual activities to satisfy solo or partner pleasure, and even substitute for a real person in moments of loneliness or to experiment with fantasies. The modern, hyper-realistic sex dolls makes them the ideal partner for many.

The sex dolls prices always range depending on the quality and the material used to make them, among other factors. The design purpose of the sex dolls currently is for sexual use, and they come with at least one penetrable orifice. The orifice can be an anus, vagina, mouth, or a combination of all the features. In addition, sex dolls do have a body part where the user can insert the penis or tongue. Note that all these parts where the user can sexually insert or penetrate always have a special design that makes them removable. This makes cleaning the parts easier and cheaper for users
what is a sex doll

Your sex doll journey starts here

Since the 1980s, real life sex dolls have been taking troll over the world, with more use being reported in the states. This guide will answer all your questions about sex dolls, covering major areas such as the types, legal considerations, and uses, among other areas. Let's dive straight into it!

Who invented sex dolls?

The famous Dutch sailors may be hailed for being the first humans to invent sex dolls. Although they didn't intend them to be for sex, these sailors made make-shift dolls from leather and clothes, with the intention of having companions to keep them company as they sailed. Later, a French engineer invented a traveling lady, "dame de voyage," who was very lifelike and was fit for sexual gratification.
Since then, sex dolls have remained popular among a few people until the 1970s, when they were produced in large numbers. Many companies began to develop more advanced and sophisticated dolls, looking and acting more like humans. Today, you can customize your doll to anything you can imagine using different materials such as silicone, TPE, and vinyl. The AI technology systems have made the use and operation of these sex dolls much easier.
Sex dolls are now used not just for fun, but some people opt for life partners, photography models, treating them with love and passion.

How real is a sex doll?

It would be an understatement to say sex dolls are mare dolls. Apparently, although these dolls are not 100% human, they are more lifelike, with everything else resembling the human body. They offer realistic experiences as would have been with real human companions.
While sex dolls are real and vibrant, the level of reality varies depending on quality and price. For instance, high-end dolls from top brands made of advanced materials such as TPE are ideally more realistic and come at a higher cost. They feature things such as soft skin, articulated skeletons, and customizable body parts such as eye color, hair type, and lip shape.
On the lower end, we have realistic fairy dolls created from lower-quality materials, which are definitely cheaper. Their looks and feel are more artificial, but they still offer pleasure and experience for anyone whose budget doesn't meet the high-end options.
Even with different levels of realism, sex dolls are sure and safe options to explore your sexuality. They eliminate the feelings of loneliness and sometimes depression that might come from the loneliness. The choice of how real your sex doll will be is ultimately personal.

What are sex dolls used for?

Sex dolls have a variety of reasons, ranging from relieving stress to sexual exploration. Some people use sex dolls to help them control their anxiety or explore their own desires without the risk or pressure of involving a partner.
Some individuals use sex dolls to learn techniques, practice positions, and better understand their lover's body. Besides, these sex devices offer companionship to people living alone because they don't need emotional support, just like a real person.
What's more? People use sex dolls to experiment with different types of role play, BDSM scenarios, and for an immersive experience in "virtual reality" scenarios.

What are the types of sex dolls?

1) TPE Sex Doll

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a combination of rubber and plastic. Many people increasingly love this material for sex dolls because of its unique characteristics. In terms of realism, it offers a high feel, appearance, and texture. Their soft touch also makes it attractive, with realistic weight and real skin that feels natural. Moreover, this type of doll has an amazing level of flexibility, meaning it can be positioned in almost any position you desire. The best part? TPE sex dolls are highly durable due to their resilient material that will not tear or damage easily.

2) Cloth and Stuffed Sex Dolls

These are unique types of sex dolls that have been mushrooming in the market, which are usually called "plush sex doll". Their popularity has been geared by their crafting, often soft fabrics stuffed with materials such as cotton and foam. With their amazing crafting, these options are ideal for people looking for something more playful than TPE or even silicone. Since they're created from soft materials, they're much less realistic; however, they offer an exciting way to explore one's fantasies.
Interestingly, most cloth and stuffed sex dolls boast removable clothing, exactly like a real person, which means you can dress and undress them as you want.
Overall, cloth and stuffed sex dolls are an excellent option for individuals looking forward to exploring their fantasies without needing a TPE or silicone doll. It is also a perfect option if you're looking for something more lighthearted and playful.

3) Blow-Up Sex Doll

Another type of doll is the blow-up sex doll which is crafted from inflatable plastic materials. They are cheap and offer an enjoyable experience, making them an attractive option. On the flip side, blow-up sex dolls don't feel so real compared to their counterparts since the materials make them feel less lifelike. Moreover, the user can feel the seams on the doll, making them uncomfortable for use. Overall, although this doesn't offer a real experience like other types of sex dolls, the blow-up dolls still offer an enjoyable experience.

4) Silicone Sex Doll

This type of sex doll employs high-end silicone, making them feel and look more beautiful and realistic. Silicone is yet employed in breast implants since it is a durable, soft, and non-degradable material. The dolls created using silicone are great in terms of resistance to strains and water than other sex dolls. What's more? They are super realistic and very smooth, which is a nice option that will make your dark fantasies a reality.

Are sex dolls legal?

Yes, sex dolls are legal to buy and use. In fact, there is no specific legalization that makes them illegal. Although some countries may have a law against using such dolls, like those resembling a minor, these laws are rarely enforced.

Sex Doll Buyers Guide

While buying a sex doll online may seem complex and time-consuming, these are so many things need to condier before purchasing a doll, for example, the sex doll options of different brands, sex doll functions. And questions like “Does this doll have oral function?”.

How to shop for a doll easily?

How to make purchasing easy? Well, just come to, our website makes the experience simple and stress-free. Learn how to order a sex doll in favdoll shop.

Easy navigation

Just browse through our collection of real life sex dolls until you find one you like; select your customization options and add it to your cart .

Easy payment

We accept various payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers, as well as global shipping! You don’t have to miss out!
FAVDOLL offers high-quality cute sex dolls that can be customized to meet any individual’s preferences. Crafted with top-of-the-line materials and featuring realistic features like built-in cavities that enhance sexual experience, our dolls provide unparalleled pleasure when customized according to your unique specifications. Explore our website now to experience joy with FAVDoll’s selection of lifelike sex dolls.
We know all of your needs and concerns when buying a doll. Our product expert Bill will help you get your favorite dolls here. Before buying a sex doll, here are several tips to consider.

Is the store legit?

Finding a legit sex doll shop is your first thing to consider. Here are some ways you can tell if a store is legitimate
  • Price: How much is a sex doll? The life size sex doll price usually ranges from $1000 to $2600 if you are not purchasing a mini sex doll or advanced robot sex doll. Avoid cheap sex dolls under $1000. These sex dolls may be counterfeits.
  • Mail Address: Be sure to check if this site has a mail address of their domain name, for example: Avoid some sites with free mail service providers such as Outlook or gmail boxes.
  • Prompt reply: Contact them before ordering if you have any questions about the business. A serious business always values their customers most, so they will reply to you soon. If you cannot get an answer, just forget them.
  • No childlike dolls: Childlike dolls are illegal in most countries, avoid buying these dolls, or you’ll get into trouble with legal issues.
  • Fake discounts: Avoid sites offering discounts for all sex dolls or any site offering 20%+ discounts.

Choose the right material:

Sex doll toys are usually made of silicone or TPE. Each material has its own unique characteristics, so it’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each before making a purchase. There are pros and cons between the two materials, in general, TPE dolls are cheaper and durable, silicone dolls are more realistic and soft. In addition, if you need blow-job sex doll heads, just choose TPE doll heads. Because most silicone sex doll heads don’t have oral function except for the latest silicone dolls with movable jaw function, for example, Zelex inspiration series, Gamelady movable jaw Tifa, Lara Croft with oral function. For more dolls with blowjob function, check out this collection.

Choose the right size:

Real dolls come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s essential to consider your preferences and needs. Larger dolls may be more realistic, but also heavier and more challenging to move around. Smaller dolls may be more comfortable to handle, but they may not provide the same level of realism.

Decide on the features:

Sex dolls can come with various features, such as built-in vibrators, heating systems, or even artificial intelligence capabilities. Customers should consider which features are essential to them and which ones they can do without.

Consider maintenance:

Sex dolls require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and proper storage. Customers should be aware of the necessary maintenance tasks and ensure that they can commit to them before making a purchase.

Respect the doll:

Lastly, it’s essential to remember that sex dolls are objects and should be treated with respect. Customers should avoid damaging or mistreating the doll, and they should dispose of it properly when it is no longer needed.

Tips for sex doll Owners

sex doll Heads: If you already have a sex doll and want to order another head, be sure to check if the head connection screw is M16 type. The connection method of most sex dolls from various manufacturers is M16. You may feel free to buy your own sex doll head if the connection method is M16.
Sex doll Torsos: Most sex doll stores provide sex doll torsos for sale, they are much cheaper than life-size sex dolls, but remember these torsos can not be connected to your sex dolls.
Sex doll hair and clothes: Many sex dolls won’t list these online, but they can be sold. Just contact us if you need any sex doll accessories.
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