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Finally ordered a real sex doll? Is she arriving in a few days? How exciting! But as a newbie to the world of sex dolls, there are some crucial do’s and don’ts that you must be aware of to ensure you do not damage your new lover as soon as you take her out of the box and keep on having unimaginable levels of pleasure for the ultimate sexual and fantasy satisfaction. This guide is here to help and take away all your worries and doubts. So, let’s dive in and learn how to use a sex doll correctly and safely from a beginner, just like you, but who got it right with extensive research and proper guidance from fellow sex doll owners.

How to unpack your sex doll?

Most newbies buying sex dolls think she will come just like the product picture. If you are one of them, then get ready for a shock. To ensure the sex doll does not get damaged in transit, the sex doll is packed unassembled. So, you have to unpack and assemble her and make her just like she was in the picture which made you fall in love with her and hit the buy button. So, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Find the right place for the process

In most cases, a full-size sex doll will weigh around 50 to 70 pounds. So, a fully packed sex doll may weigh more than 80 pounds. Thus, moving the package carefully and selecting a room with ample cleaned floor space for the unpacking and assembling process is highly recommended. Do make sure you are placing the package flat on the floor.

Step 2: How to release your babe from her confinement

Have a boxcutter ready and run it along the box’s top edges to cut the tape and open the box. A boxcutter is the best choice as it ensures you do not cut too deep and end up damaging the sex doll inside.

Step 3: Removing the head from the box

Even though you need to clean your sex doll before using it (tips will be provided later on), you must clean your hands before you take her out of the packaging to ensure you do not leave a mark. So, after cleaning your hands, take out the packed head, remove the packing form, and place it on the clean floor. The head may come in a bag, do not throw this away as it can be used for storing purposes. If your sex doll comes with different accessories like cleaning tools or clothing items, take them out during this time. So, now you will be left with the body only.

Step 4: Removing the body

Use a pair of scissors to cut and remove the packing materials from the body. Throw a clean blanket on the body to ensure you do not get it dirty. Over the blanket, wrap your arms around the body and lift her up to place her on the floor. Please do this gently to ensure you do not break or damage the body.

Step 5: Install the sex doll

You should connect the sex doll head with the body. There are 2 ways of head connections, and M16 is the most common head connection way, the M16 push fit adaptor allows the convenient and easy attachment of your sex doll head onto the body. Read this guide on how to install a sex doll.

Step 6: Treat the manual like your new favorite book

The manufacturer will provide instructions on how to assemble the sex doll. Read and follow the instructions carefully to ensure you can transform the different pieces into your new companion accurately for the most intense hyper-realistic sex ever.

How to prepare your sex doll for her first time?

As you have already ordered the sex doll of your dreams, you must know that they are usually made with TPE and silicone. To ensure the material does not become sticky during transits, some manufacturers pour restoration powder or oil on the doll. You must clean this excess powder/oil before use. Get a soft, dry cloth and gently wipe the excess power or oil. After this, you have to clean the sex doll to ensure you do not come in contact with any dirt or germs. Use warm water and a mild soap mixture to wipe her clean and ready for use.

How to use a sex doll to have the best sex ever?

Yes, by now you just want to go right in, but hold on for a minute cowboy. Experience and expert guidance have concluded that applying a lubricant enhances the experience to a whole new level, and who does not want that? Now, the good stuff:

For Oral Sex

When it comes to enjoying oral sex with sex dolls, using a water-based lubricant is a must as it is safe for both silicone and TPE sex dolls. But do not go crazy with the lubricant as it will get messy and sticky real quick. Even though it is said that blowjobs from sex dolls are not the same as blowjobs from a person. But it is for sure fun and pleasurable as there are no worries about her getting a stiff neck, gag reflex, and how you will finish.

For Vaginal Sex

Sex dolls are popular because they have fully functional vaginas designed to provide that realistic feeling. Having vaginal sex with a sex doll is just like having sex. First position your doll the way you like, penetrate, and continue as normal. Wondering if you can finish inside your new partner? Yes, you can! Sex dolls come with fixed and removable vaginas which should be to be cleaned in such cases to avoid bacterial buildup.

For Anal Sex

Anal sex is a fantasy for many. It is normal and intensely pleasurable which can be enjoyed as per your desire with your sex doll. The realistic and super-tight design offers a satisfactory sexual and sensual experience. To enjoy anal sex with your real sex doll, kneel her on the bed surface and bend her down. For proper stability and balance, position her hands slightly above her head and spread her legs only a little from the back. After this, penetrate and continue as normal. This position is also great for doggy-style vaginal sex.

Sex doll skeleton movement range

Improper use can result in damage to the sex doll, and although the doll can perform most movements like a human, even yoga poses, be aware that the range of motion of your doll’s metal skeleton is quite important. Here is a picture that shows the skeleton movement range:

sex doll movement range (1)
sex doll movement range (1)

How to clean, maintain, and store your sex doll?

Using a mixture of warm water and mild or antibacterial soap to wipe down your sex doll after having the most intensely passionate sex with a soft cloth or sponge is a must for avoiding bacterial buildup. Make sure you are cleaning the oral, vaginal, and anal openings well to remove your semen if you are not keen on using condoms when having sex with your lovely sex doll.

A thorough clean-up every 14 days is recommended to ensure she keeps on giving you sexual pleasure for a long time safely. Dry the sex doll before storing her to prevent rust and avoid mold or mildew formation. Air dry your sex doll, do not let her come in direct contact with sunlight.

Storing your sex doll properly is also essential for prolonging her lifespan and keeping her in good condition. Cover her with a clean sheet or the provided protective material and store her in the box provided.

Now that this guide on how to use a sex doll has come to an end, hopefully, you learned everything to enjoy your new partner for life safely and correctly for the best sex night after night.

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