Your sex doll might make you feel ??yuck’ because of a cracked anal. Or, you don’t feel the excitement you experienced earlier. As time passes, everything gets old, and your sex doll is no different. So, you don’t want to keep your doll anymore. If you want to dispose a sex doll, you have to do it the right way.

Sadly, there is limited information on how to dispose of your sex doll in an eco-friendly way. You may not have access to a recycling facility. Still, some solutions will help you get rid of your sex doll conveniently. Continue reading the post to know more about it.

Why is it important to dispose of sex dolls properly?

Buying sex dolls is one of the simplest things you can do. However, there could be a lot of reasons why you want to dispose a sex doll. Remember that realistic sex dolls are battery-powered. So, the amount of waste created by the doll when you break it into pieces will be high.

Whether it is normal or electronic waste, useless sex dolls could be potentially dangerous if you simply put them in regular trash. There could be certain types of chemicals that will hurt the ecosystem. Besides, burning them will be equally dangerous. This is why you need an effective way to dispose of your sex doll in an eco-friendly way.

What you shouldn’t do with a used sex doll:

How To Dispose A Sex Doll? 8 most Effective Ways - FavDoll
How To Dispose A Sex Doll? 8 most Effective Ways

Avoid these inappropriate ways of sex doll disposal.

1. Don’t just throw it away

Dumping a sex doll in a waste container is probably an easy thing to do. But you should avoid it strictly because there could be consequences. The doll will look like a dead body and confuse people around. Also, it will compromise your privacy.

2. Never throw it in the water

Throwing a used sex doll in the water is another worst option to avoid. It could create problems because the doll will look like a dead body. Someone may even confuse the doll with a real woman who is drowning.

3. Don’t think about burning the doll

Burning an unwanted sex doll in your backyard isn’t a great option. It’s not an eco-friendly way and you have to avoid it. It could result in serious health risks. You may inhale the unhealthy smoke or hurt yourself with severe burns. Above all, you may have to pay a fine if the police find it.

How to dispose of a used sex doll in an eco-friendly way

Do you want to get rid of your used doll without losing peace of mind? Here are some effective ways to resolve the problem.

1. Contact a recycling facility

One of the best ways to dispose of an unwanted sex doll is to find out the possibilities of recycling the same. You can look out for companies that recycle old silicone items and make new things out of them.

If there is a company nearby, you can even earn some bucks while disowning your old doll. It’s an eco-friendly solution because you aren’t creating waste.

2. Disassemble before disposing of the doll

If there is no recycling company nearby, there is another way out of the problem. Disassemble the doll so that you can carry it easily and deal with it. Besides, it will help retain your privacy, too.

After disassembling the doll, you can hand it over to the trash collector. They will make sure that it reaches safe hands in the recycling department.

3. Donate your doll or resell it

It might surprise you but many people are looking for unwanted sex dolls. In that case, donate your used doll or sell it. It is another good way to dispose of your used doll. You can sell used dolls through several forums. Make sure that you provide adequate information about the doll including high-quality images.

It will help people know what they are buying. Be sure to clean the doll in every possible way. Additionally, try to sterilize different parts of the dolls after dissembling them. This will prevent unnecessary infection and disease from spreading.

4. Connect with a local artist

As you know, artists tend to look for new ideas. Moreover, they know how to make new things from old ones. You can offer your doll to a local artist and they will keep it. Remember that a sex doll isn’t meant for pleasure always. There is a lot more to do with it.

They might use any part of the doll to create something new. Try this method and you will dispose of your used doll without hurting the environment.

5. Approach people who practice shooting or archery

Shooting or archery competitions happen regularly. People who are into this sport might need something to practice. You may offer them your used doll if they are looking for cheap alternatives.

They will use the doll for aiming and shooting. However, make sure that they accept your proposal happily. You can earn a few bucks during the process.

6. Talk to a fashion designer

Mannequin dolls are a common sight in fashion stores. Sex dolls are designed to look more realistic compared to a mannequin doll. Sex dolls have human-like bodies and they appear prettier, too.

So, you can look out for fashion designers in your locality and offer them your doll. They will make the most out of your unwanted sex doll.

7. Try selling it online

If you put your doll online for sale, you may get unexpected results. Many people would be interested in your offer. Make an anonymous profile and put an ad if you don’t want your account to show up. Many users are interested in buying things from people who no longer use certain items.  

8. Reach out to photographers

To take photography to the next level, photographers are open to new ideas. When it comes to fashion wear photography, a doll could be the perfect item. All you have to do is find some photographers and make an offer they can’t afford to miss.

Also, you can search for photographers online and see how it goes. This is how you can get rid of your sex doll in an eco-friendly manner.

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