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A brand established by sex doll enthusiasts to provide the best products to all sex doll customers

Our working process

Once your order is confirmed, we will start processing it, you can cancel it within 24 hours. After your order is confirmed, we will send you product factory pictures within 7 days, you can make change to it. After that, we can ship it by UPS.

Fav Doll is an online realistic sex doll shop that only provides your favorite sex dolls.

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About our online store

Ready to enter this wonderful world? Fav Doll is an online realistic sex doll shop that only provides your favorite sex dolls. We are the authorized reseller of over 30+ sex doll brands, most sex dolls sold in our online store are the latest. These sex dolls are designed by the top-notch design team and manufactured using the most realistic sex doll materials such as high quality TPE and platinum silicone. Sex dolls from different brands have different options and functions. Our mission is to provide you with the right sex dolls with the options you want.

Our story

Bill worked for a sex doll company as soon as he graduated, he had been working for a that company for 5 years. Years later, Bill gradually became a sex doll expert. At this time, he began to think about the meaning of sex doll existence. He believes that it is his job to let users get their favorite high-quality sex doll at the best price. But this thought was denied by the company, he couldn't change anything, so he left the company and created Favdoll with a famous product manager.
We must do something to change this situation – Bill

Your favorite

After research, we found what sex doll enthusiasts like is not some common sex dolls, but sex dolls that satisfy their own imagination for perfect sex doll. Customers have the right to know anything and make their own choice. So we started the journey of online sex doll store.
Authorized sex doll reseller
We have been authorized to sell sex doll worldwide, your doll will be directly shipped from the original brand factory. Price match guarantee, no fake dolls.

100% legal

We conducted research on the import laws of various countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe countries. Most countries won't allow childlike sex dolls, so you won't find any childlike dolls in our store. All sex dolls in our shop are 100% legal to ensure you can receive your package successfully.

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