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Sex dolls with big booty are our top-selling dolls in our store. Big butt sex dolls are different from those dolls with flabby butts, these dolls have strong, compact buttocks that can be ideal for anal sex. If you're a sex doll geek, you must know about sex dolls with gel butts and even electric buttocks.
Our big booty sex dolls feature realistically huge buttocks and hips with proportional and provoking sizes. Here are the features you can generally expect from our big booty love dolls.

Types of sex doll asses

There are 4 types of sex doll butts,
  • TPE butt: It helps to pick those with a lifelike TPE for a more realistic feel.
  • Silicone butt: Silicone can be ideally natural and will surely get you jazzing with quacking orgasms quickly.
  • Gel butt: Gel butt is the most popular option for big booty sex doll creations. It's typically supple, feels smooth with virtually natural texture, and offers a more immersive sensual experience.
  • Electric butt sex dolls: It allows the doll’s hips to jiggle like humans, realistic experience, but the sex doll butt is easy to damage.

Can I choose my doll's hip size?

No, each doll in this collection has a big ass, it's fixed, so we cannot change the hip size for anyone.

Perfect realism

Whether you like running your fingers along the curves or getting right into the action, we're sure to guarantee you an experience that's entirely surreal and captivating. We meticulously craft our big booty dolls with all details that make you live your fantasy world, with delicate creases and subtle dimples to make you love every moment you spend with these clever creations.