Custom sex dolls can be made according to your 3D files or pictures, these personalized creation will make your wildest dream come true in real action. They come with numerous options that ensure you build a sex doll for yourself.

There are two types of customized sex dolls

semi-custom sex dolls

Semi-custom sex dolls are designed with TPE or silicone. In a semi-custom sex doll, you can customize your preferred sex doll using more than 30 different body types. They also have more than 3000 heads. When making your custom sex doll, you will simply craft these features that match your specification.
For instance, you start with a D-cup sex doll’s body that is perfectly fit and firm as desired. If you like a thick and curvy sex doll, you can consider starting with an H-Cup sex doll body.

Full body customized sex dolls

You are able to make your own sex dolls of someone, for example, yourself, your favorite porn stars, anime characters. Such dolls usually cost $8000 to $12000. Please contact us and submit your 3D files if you want to customize your own sex dolls from the picture.

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