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Showing all 7 results

Sex dolls nowadays are more and more expensive. Do you know how much is the world's most expensive sex doll? For example, EXDOLL ultra real series has expensive sex dolls, these dolls are sold for more than $7,000! But these dolls are not the most expensive sex dolls, a custom sex doll usually costs over $10000. Custom sex dolls are the most expensive sex dolls in the world.

Why are these sex dolls so expensive?

More realistic appearance

Just like the most realistic sex dolls, these high price sex dolls have the best human features such as wrinkles, freckles, blood vessels to look like a real human.

Best material

These dolls are made of high-end hybrid material to make it more durable and soft.

Realistic organs

After being customized, these organs feel like real human organs. Buy these dolls now and they are 100% worth the money.


Copyright sometimes accounts for 50% of new sex doll development costs, which is a very high expense. For some animation sex dolls and celebrity sex dolls, we need to purchase the authorization from these companies.