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Full size sex dolls are cheap human-sized real dolls with head, torsos, hands and legs. They are exactly full body sex dolls. These dolls offer you the best features you will possibly look for in women when making your selection. For instance, it provides you with customizable features such as; body temperature, breast material, pubic hair, and torso shape.
By customizing these features, you will greatly enhance the realism of the love doll to meet your preference. This will enable to have sexual intercourse with a love doll with features you die for in a real woman.
On the other hand, think of what you can do with a full body sex doll. Well, you have up to three entrances in the full-size sex dolls. These three entrances are the mouth, vagina, and anus. You can, therefore, choose which one of them you want to use for your fantastic sexual intercourse at your preferred time. In addition, you can consider shifting from the vagina to the anus and mouth when having the sexual fun you are looking for in the love doll. The full-size sex doll is designed with three entrances to make you multiple options for sex, so you will not spend all the time fucking only one entrance and feel bored. Here are other advantages you will get when you buy full-size sex doll toys.


Full-size sex doll provides you with realistic features that resemble a real and full-grown woman.
The full-size sex doll is designed with a variety of sizes that makes you feel free to choose your preferred size.
They make you will close to the features you are looking for in a real woman to satisfy your sexual desires.
They offer you a wide range of customizable features to make you modify your love doll into the desired type of woman you are looking for.


Their design matches older adults only
Unlike sex doll torsos, full body sex dolls are heavy