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Cleanliness is a fundamental requirement for sex doll enthusiasts. They show love, care, and meticulous attention to their dolls, just as they would to any other precious possession. However, knowing how to properly clean a sex doll after use or after a long period of disuse can be challenging. Fortunately, you have come to FavDoll, a store specializing in realistic sex dolls. From a professional standpoint, we will introduce you to the techniques for cleaning sex dolls, helping you maintain and care for your doll so that it always remains in perfect condition!

Important Considerations for Cleaning Sex Doll

Don’t skip this section. Before you begin cleaning your doll, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure the cleaning process is both accurate and safe:

Follow the Manufacturer’s Cleaning Instructions

This is crucial because different materials require different cleaning agents. The cleaning instructions will typically indicate the material of your sex doll and recommend suitable cleaning agents. If you purchased your sex doll from FavDoll, we recommend using mild cleaning agents, such as mild soapy water, fragrance-free, and dye-free cleaners. Avoid cleaners containing alcohol, bleach, or acidic components, as most of our sex dolls are made of silicone and TPE materials.

Use Warm Water at Around 20°C (68°F)

Whether for washing or rinsing, this temperature helps activate the cleaning agents without damaging the doll. It also ensures that all cleaning agents are thoroughly rinsed away without leaving residues. After thoroughly cleaning your doll, it is important to air dry it rather than storing it while still damp. Using an absorbent cloth to remove excess water and then allowing it to air dry is the best practice.

Ensure the Safety of the Cleaning Process

This includes safety for both you and the doll. For your safety, avoid cleaning the doll if you have open wounds. You can also enhance safety by wearing gloves or taking precautions to prevent the cleaning agents from contacting open wounds. For the sex doll, handle it gently throughout the process. When cleaning the doll’s vaginal area, avoid excessive pulling to prevent damage.

Cleaning Before Use

For users with high sexual needs who might use their doll every three days on average, timely cleaning after each use is usually sufficient. If you store the doll properly, it should remain clean. However, if you are particularly concerned about cleanliness or hygiene, simply wiping the vaginal area and interior with clean water before use should suffice. Applying a lubricant before use can also enhance your experience and protect the doll from damage.

If your sex doll has been sitting unused in a corner for a long time and you suddenly feel like using it, it’s crucial to clean it thoroughly before use. Dust that has accumulated over time can be difficult to remove. Avoid aggressive cleaning methods as they can damage the doll’s surface and affect its appearance. Start with the regular cleaning process mentioned below. If that doesn’t work, consider using specialized silicone/TPE cleaners, or even toothpaste, wind oil, and alcohol. If the dust is impossible to remove, you may need to purchase a new sex doll from FavDoll.

Cleaning After Use

Step 1: Prepare the Cleaning Area

Realistic sex dolls closely resemble humans in appearance, often standing around 170 cm tall and weighing around 40 kg. If your sex doll needs a full-body cleaning, handling and moving it can be tricky. If your cleaning area is not spacious enough, you might accidentally scratch the doll.

Additionally, you should place soft mats or clean towels on the floor or bed beforehand. After washing, you’ll need to dry the doll and apply powder for maintenance. If you don’t prepare these items in advance, you might find yourself scrambling, leaving the freshly cleaned doll unattended in the bathroom, which could result in it falling and getting damaged.

Step 2: Remove Accessories and Clothing

This step is crucial. Some sex doll enthusiasts use additional accessories and clothing to enhance their experience, but these items might have hooks that can scratch the doll’s surface, causing irreparable damage.

Remove items like wigs, clothing, jewelry, etc., depending on what you used. Place them neatly aside and clean them later.

Step 3: Clean the Body

Cleaning a sex doll is similar to giving a human a bath. Start from the top and work your way down to ensure you don’t miss any spots. Fill your bathtub or basin with enough warm water and add mild antibacterial soap to create a cleaning solution. Ideally, use a sex toy cleaner recommended by the store.

Avoid immersing the entire doll in the bathtub or directly spraying it with water. Instead, dip a sponge or non-abrasive soft cloth into the soapy water, wring it out, and gently wipe the doll’s surface from top to bottom. There’s no need to use excessive force; lightly wiping off the surface sweat is sufficient.

After the initial cleaning, take a fresh, clean sponge or non-abrasive soft cloth, dampen it with clean water, and repeat the wiping process to remove any remaining soap. Ensure no residue remains, as this can attract dust more easily.

Step 4: Clean Intimate Areas

This step is crucial as these areas come into direct contact with your genitals. If not cleaned properly, bacteria can develop and potentially cause infections. Intimate areas include the mouth, vagina, anus, or any other orifices, depending on how you use the sex doll.

Cleaning these areas follows the same process as cleaning the body. The only difference is to avoid turning the mouth, vagina, or anus inside out for thorough cleaning, as this might cause tears. Instead, use a smooth plastic stick covered with a non-abrasive cloth to clean these areas by rotating it inside. For dolls with detachable lower parts, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove and clean them.

Step 5: Clean Accessories

Cleaning accessories is straightforward. Just wash the doll’s clothes as you would with regular laundry. Ensure that all clothing and accessories are completely dry before putting them back on the doll.

Post-Cleaning Maintenance

Just as women use various skincare products to maintain lasting beauty, your sex doll also requires proper care. With the right maintenance, your sex doll can accompany you for many years. Therefore, after cleaning your sex doll, some maintenance steps are necessary.

The most common method is to apply a special maintenance powder or cornstarch on the doll’s body. This helps prevent the skin or material from becoming sticky and maintains the skin’s texture. Simply massage the powder evenly over the body. Don’t consider this task a hassle; remember how your doll has served you! Avoid using oils, lotions, or petroleum-based products on the doll’s skin, as these can degrade the material and affect its appearance.

At this point, your sex doll is clean and well-maintained. Now, you need to store it in a safe place. It is crucial to avoid direct sunlight and humid environments. Consider purchasing a dust cover to protect the doll from dust.

Finally, the most important point: store your sex doll in an upright position, or use a suitable doll stand. This helps to reduce pressure on various parts of the doll.


FavDoll has provided a comprehensive guide to cleaning your sex doll. By following this guide, you can extend your doll’s lifespan and maintain its beauty. We hope you and your beloved doll enjoy many wonderful nights together.

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