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The process of creating a newly designed full size sex doll is complex and time-consuming. As we all know, most sex dolls are made from a pre-made sex doll mold. This mold can be used to make thousands of identical sex dolls. The process is fast. Most of the sex dolls you see are not in stock, the product is not started until after you place your order, and it is from the same mold that this doll you purchased is made. So, what is a sex doll mold? How was this mold made?

The Root Mold

The 3D model creation

3D model creation is the first step in shaping the appearance of a character. It is also the most important step in determining the appearance of this doll. The sex doll artists will use some 3D software like Zbrush to create the 3D model, in order to get it close to the original character, the designers may change the design many times before it’s finally adopted.

White mold

How to Make a Sex Doll - FavDoll
How to Make a Sex Doll

The white molds are 3D printed from 3D models using resin material. White models can help sex doll designers to understand the appearance and internal structure of the doll more intuitively, to optimize and improve it. The white mold will break and be removed after the blue mold has been made.

The blue mold

How to Make a Sex Doll - FavDoll
How to Make a Sex Doll

The blue mold is the final sex doll mold used to create sex dolls, it is made of hybrid plastic materials and can be used thousands of times without damage.

Make up

After being die-cast, molded at high temperatures, and cooled, workers trim burrs from the edges of the product. Once these steps are completed, it’s time to do make up for the doll. The qualified makeup artists will apply the most realistic human make up to the doll.

The final product

The final product will be like what you see on our website, these dolls are well-dressed and photographed by professional photographer. There is a slight difference between the website picture and the factory picture due to the makeup difference.

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