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Most League of Legends players are familiar with Lux, a mid-lane mage or bottom-lane support known for her simplicity and high damage output, making her a fan favorite. Some players, after long periods of engagement with her character, have developed a deeper affinity and desire for more personal experiences with her. To fulfill these fantasies, SEDoll has created a life-sized, realistic sex doll based on Lux. If you adore her, why not take her home? For those unfamiliar with Lux, this article by FavDoll will introduce you to this character in detail, hoping her story will captivate your heart.

Story of Lux

In the mysterious land of Runeterra, there exists a hero known as the Lady of Luminosity—Lux. Her life is filled with mystery and legend, as she wields the power to control light, fighting for justice and hope, earning the admiration and love of many.

Lux was born in the Kingdom of Demacia, a realm renowned for its courage, justice, and honor. Her family, the Crownguard family, has been loyal defenders of Demacia for generations, protecting the kingdom from both internal and external threats. Lux’s father, the leader of their family, was a stern and just warrior who instilled in Lux the values of bravery and righteousness.

However, Lux exhibited extraordinary talents from a young age. She could perceive the presence of light and, under her will, transform it into tangible forms to be used at her command. This ability was not ordinary magic but a power transcending the physical world, symbolizing purity and hope. Lux’s family regarded this power as a divine gift, a source of strength to guard Demacia.

As Lux’s powers grew, they caught the attention of Demacia’s guardians. She underwent elite training to learn how to wield her light power in battle. Though her abilities sometimes evoked confusion and fear, Lux remained steadfast in her belief that she was fighting for justice and to protect her beloved home and its people.

Yet, her journey was not without challenges. A dark force was quietly growing within Demacia. Lux’s family faced betrayal and assassination, plunging Demacia into internal turmoil, testing her faith and loyalty. She had to confront threats both within and outside her family, marking a pivotal turn in her fate.

In a decisive battle, Lux demonstrated her true power and courage. She used her light to vanquish the forces threatening Demacia, revealing her salvation light to the entire nation. She became a hero in the eyes of the people, earning the title of the Lady of Luminosity and becoming a symbol and protector of Demacia.

Lux’s story continues as she fights on Demacia’s battlefields, for justice, for light, and for the people she loves. Her legend will keep inspiring many across Runeterra, encouraging the pursuit of hope and courage.

In-Game Role

In “League of Legends,” Lux is classified as a mage or support, excelling in long-range combat and crowd control. Her abilities focus on using light to damage enemies and protect allies.

  • Light Binding (Q): Lux releases a sphere of light that binds and damages up to two enemy units.
  • Prismatic Barrier (W): She creates a shield of light that protects herself and nearby allies from damage.
  • Lucent Singularity (E): Lux throws an area of light that slows enemies and explodes after a delay, dealing damage to enemies within the explosion range.
  • Final Spark (R): Lux gathers a powerful beam of light that pierces through the map, dealing massive damage to all enemies in its path.

These abilities not only showcase her strength in battle but also reflect her unwavering commitment to light and justice.


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