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Sex dolls originated in the 17th century when sailors on long voyages used fabric-sewn models to satisfy their sexual needs. As time progressed and technology advanced, the materials used to manufacture sex dolls evolved from fabric to inflatable, and eventually to TPE and silicone, this evolution has resulted in increasingly realistic sex dolls.

For first-time buyers considering purchasing a sex doll, they may not be familiar with the history of sex doll development. When they see some dolls labeled as “real,” they are often shocked by the high price, while inflatable dolls are about 1/10 of the cost. To help you understand the differences, FavDoll will compare real sex dolls and inflatable sex dolls in this article.


Real Sex Doll AND Inflatable Sex Doll
Feature Real Doll Inflatable Doll
Realism Highly realistic Basic
Customization Multiple options Limited options
Material Silicone, TPE Vinyl, PVC
Versatility High Low
Price Expensive Cheap
Care & Maintenance Tedious Straightforward


The exact origin of inflatable sex dolls is unclear, but a widely circulated theory suggests that they originated in the 20th century. According to unverified reports, Nazi Germany initiated the Borghild Project during World War II to provide soldiers with a tool to meet their sexual needs. These inflatable models might have been the earliest prototypes of inflatable dolls.

In contrast, the history of real sex dolls is much clearer. They emerged around the late 1960s. With advancements in material science and manufacturing technology, manufacturers began producing more realistic and functional sex dolls. These dolls are typically made from TPE or silicone, offering a more realistic touch and appearance, essentially an upgraded version of inflatable dolls.


As previously emphasized, real sex dolls are more refined and functional compared to traditional inflatable dolls. The plastic material of inflatable dolls limits their expressiveness, and their facial features cannot compare to those of silicone dolls. Unlike real sex dolls, inflatable dolls lack a metal skeleton or movable joints. Although this simple design simplifies use and storage, it significantly reduces realism. Even when inflated, the difference between the two is easily discernible. The texture of an inflatable doll has a distinct plastic feel, which falls far short of the experience provided by a realistic sex doll.

In contrast, real sex dolls employ the latest technologies, including robotics and artificial intelligence, to make the experience as close to interacting with a real human as possible. Designers continually strive to outdo each other, focusing on detailed facial features, soft materials, and realistic body proportions. Modern sex dolls mimic human form, featuring realistic skin textures and lifelike movements. Some high-end dolls even have artificial or real human hair, enhancing their lifelike appearance.

Finally, sex doll manufacturers equip these models with metal skeletons and movable joints, making it easy to switch between various sexual positions. This added flexibility demystifies previously challenging poses, ensuring you can achieve the most realistic sexual experience.


Contrary to popular belief, inflatable sex dolls also offer some customization options. Although most brands have limited design flexibility, some allow you to choose detachable orifices and specify the desired size. However, the range of customization options for inflatable dolls is relatively limited.

In contrast, real sex dolls have a significant advantage in terms of customization. You can tailor your order according to your preferences, creating the woman or man of your dreams. Buyers can choose specific features, from hair color to body type to the type of vagina, with nearly endless possibilities. Some high-end brands even allow you to add high-tech features such as temperature regulation and moaning functions, making the experience more realistic and lifelike.

This high level of customization makes real sex dolls stand out. If you enjoy designing your own doll and selecting different features to create your dream companion, a real sex doll is the best choice for you. By choosing specific facial features, body proportions, and various unique functionalities, you can own a sex doll that perfectly matches your fantasies.


Inflatable sex dolls are typically made from vinyl, a very inexpensive material. While this keeps the cost of inflatable dolls low, it also makes them more prone to tearing. Therefore, when using an inflatable doll, you should have repair tools on hand to patch it up as needed.

In contrast, most real sex dolls are made from silicone. This material has a realistic texture and soft feel, closely mimicking human skin. Additionally, silicone is non-porous, making it easy to clean and maintain. Unlike inflatable dolls, silicone sex dolls do not absorb water, meaning bacteria cannot breed in tiny pores, thus reducing the risk of infection, especially in intimate areas.

For those with a limited budget but still seeking a high-quality experience, designers also offer sex dolls made from TPE. While TPE is less expensive than silicone, its softness and realism are very close to silicone. TPE material includes “inferior” fibers, making it feel soft and more lifelike during sexual activities. You will find that the breasts and buttocks of TPE sex dolls naturally jiggle with movement, adding to the realism.


Real sex dolls are highly favored for their versatility. They usually come with multiple orifices, catering to your needs for quick sex or switching between anal and vaginal rhythms. These orifices are textured to enhance the sensory experience. Additionally, sex dolls are equipped with a steel skeleton and a range of movable joints, increasing their durability and flexibility, allowing you to explore various sexual positions and experiences to your heart’s content.

In contrast, inflatable dolls have limited functionality. Most models only have one orifice, and their design cannot provide a realistic feeling. Despite their limited uses, the lightweight design of inflatable dolls simplifies their use and storage, making them accessible even for beginners or disabled individuals. However, if you desire multiple orifices and a doll with a metal skeleton and movable joints, FavDoll recommends buying a real sex doll.


The undeniable allure of inflatable dolls lies in their price. Typically retailing between $20 to $300 USD, inflatable dolls are an ideal choice for budget-conscious users. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced collector, these prices cater to a variety of needs and budgets.

In contrast, real sex dolls are considerably more expensive. Prices vary based on factors such as materials, features, realism, and customization options. Our high-end models can exceed $2,500 USD, while more economical options are priced below $500 USD. Therefore, when selecting a sex doll, it’s essential to consider your financial situation and personal preferences.

Care & Maintenance

Inflatable dolls are relatively simple to clean and maintain. After use, you only need to perform basic cleaning with a wet cloth and towel. Additionally, the lightweight design of inflatable dolls makes them easy to handle and store, ideal for those looking for a straightforward, low-maintenance option.

In contrast, maintaining a real sex doll is more complex. These dolls have more delicate skin that requires careful cleaning to avoid abrasions on rough surfaces. The maintenance process is not only tedious but also time-consuming. To keep the doll in optimal condition, you might need to invest in a specialized storage case or ensure there is sufficient space and hooks in your closet to store the doll properly.


The ideal choice between real and inflatable sex dolls is relative, and it depends on individual factors like your budget and personal preference. Both types offer companionship and comfort, but real dolls have a high level of realism, making the experience more intense. More importantly, they’re more durable and versatile. Inflatable dolls, on the other hand, are cheaper and easier to use, rendering them perfect for beginners and budget seekers. 

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