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The rapid development of adult products is remarkable. Take sex dolls, for example: from the early days of low-quality inflatable dolls to the aesthetically pleasing TPE materials, and now to the incredibly lifelike silicone materials, the technology has continuously advanced towards greater realism. This has sparked interest in realistic sex dolls. A notable example is that many enthusiasts are looking for ways to create their own sex dolls. However, it has proven difficult to DIY because manufacturers typically use pre-made sex doll molds. This process not only requires professional design knowledge but also specialized equipment.

These molds enable manufacturers to complete production and sales in a shorter time, which is why you may see some products that are still being sold even when they are out of stock.

In this article, FavDoll will take you into the world of sex dolls to see how these realistic adult toys are made. Let’s explore the technology and craftsmanship behind them!

1. Concept Development and 3D Model Creation

First, manufacturers need to understand the latest trends and customer preferences for sex dolls and create detailed sketches and 3D models based on these insights. During this step, the artists will use 3D software like ZBrush to develop the design. These 3D models ultimately determine the appearance and contours of the sex doll.

To ensure a high resemblance to the original character, designers may modify the design multiple times before finalizing it. Some popular models are not in standard sizes but offer different size options, including variations in breast size, hip size, and height. For sex dolls modeled after porn stars, manufacturers need to obtain the necessary copyrights before starting the design process.

2. Sculpting or 3D Printing

Skilled sculptors or advanced 3D printing technology are employed to create highly detailed models of the doll’s body parts. Both methods allow for precise and realistic depiction of facial features, muscle contours, and skin texture.

Once the master model is complete, molds are made. Using resin materials, a white model is printed to help designers visualize the physical appearance and internal structure of the doll for optimization and improvement. The white model is then coated with a mixed plastic material to create a blue mold, which is the final mold used to make the sex doll and can be used thousands of times without damage. After the blue mold is created, the white model is destroyed.

White mold for making sex dolls
Blue mold for making sex dolls

3. Material Selection

Currently, the most common materials used to make realistic sex dolls are silicone and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). Silikon-Sexpuppen tend to be more expensive but offer a more realistic feel, while TPE-Sexpuppen provide a cheaper alternative. Both materials ensure realism and durability.

The internal skeleton is made of stainless steel or strong yet flexible materials like PVC pipes or metal, customized according to the doll’s height and weight to provide stability and natural joint movement, allowing the doll to pose as flexibly as a real person.

4. Casting and Assembly

After selecting the materials, they are mixed evenly and poured into the prepared mold, ensuring full contact with the mold and eliminating air bubbles. Once fully cured, the doll is carefully removed from the mold. Excess material is trimmed, rough edges smoothed, and a secure connection is ensured between the internal frame and the doll.

5. Makeup Sex Doll

Using high-quality paints and brushes, apply matching colors to the doll’s face and body, finely detailing facial contours and other features. Eyebrows and eyelashes are implanted, the shape, color, and details of the eyes are carefully chosen, and wigs are securely fixed to the doll’s head. The doll is then dressed, bringing a realistic sex doll to life.

6. Quality Control and Testing

To ensure user safety and satisfaction, each new doll undergoes a comprehensive and detailed inspection:

  • Ensuring the doll has no defects or flaws.
  • Testing the durability and flexibility of joints and materials to guarantee lasting quality.
  • Conducting safety tests to ensure all materials used are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.


This is the entire process of building a sex doll, which is obviously very difficult for sex doll lovers to make at home. If you want to own one, it is recommended that you buy it from FavDoll. Although we are not the manufacturer, we work with well-known brands. These manufacturers will make a second confirmation after producing the sex dolls, and if there are no problems, they will be shipped in crates. We use sturdy packaging to protect the doll during transport and ensure customer privacy. Collaborating with reliable shipping companies, we deliver safely and timely to customers worldwide, offering tracking options and customer support to address any shipping concerns.

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