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How Are Sex Dolls Packaged And Shipped?

Sex dolls are usually packed in a cardboard box wrapped in foam. Thanks to the M16 connector, sex doll head and body can be separated to save space. The more popular mode of transportation is air freight. Usually delivered in about a week.

How Are Sex Dolls Packaged And Shipped? - FavDoll


Branding is one of the most important parts involved in the process of selling a product. Every business owner in today’s hyper-competitive business world is willing to promote their business in every possible way. They reveal their company’s logo, business cards, and website details in their products, especially when they use the boxes to ship their products. However, businesses selling sex toys are very conscious about the privacy of their customers. They consider discretion and privacy as the main things as long as they wish to be successful in the business of selling sex toys. If you’ve bought a WM doll or SEdoll, you’ll also get a certificate of authenticity to verify your product. In FavDoll shop, all dolls are authentic, as we’re an authorized reseller of most sex doll brands.

Understand the basics of packaging 

As a beginner to product packaging, you have to know the main differences between the packaging the products shipped in and the packaging the products come in, especially in terms of the outside box and inside box. Sex toy shops are very different in their approach to packing and shipping their products to customers. However, they ensure that their customers want discreet wrapping for the sex toys. They do their utmost things to make certain that nobody gets a clue about what is inside the box. They ship the sex toy product in a plain brown box with a return address written discreetly in case anyone gets the box except the customer by mistake. 

The main things involved in successful sex toy packaging and shipping are the plain brown cardboard boxes without logos, brand names, and a return address that obscures the company’s nature of doing the shipping. Every customer of the sex toy shops has always expected shipments to be confidential. Sex toy stores and companies avoid too-obvious packaging as they are dedicated to having a lot of customers and maintaining an ever-increasing nature of a happy customer base. It is the time to explore important aspects of the in-store sex toy packaging. Sex toy companies use this method to express their brand aesthetic and make customers happy. The product packaging of these companies itself states in large letters on the top. 

Sex dolls are heavy

Take care of yourself when taking sex dolls out of the box, you may need assistance when taking them out. These dolls are over 30kg, be sure to avoid injury when manipulating it.

Safe and discreet sex toy shipping 

Sex toy manufacturers and suppliers sell their products to sex toys in stores and online. They do not make their actual product packaging discreet. This is because they sell their toys in stores and online. They are free on their packaging to make art that is very open about the product’s description and how to use it. They reveal multiple product images and clear details. However, companies directly selling their sex toys to customers and delivering these products directly to the address of their customers are very conscious about the privacy of customers.  

Individuals who have ordered sex toys online do not want their neighbors, roommates, partners, apartment complex staff, and family members to know what they have bought. They like to buy and use sexual wellness devices and do not like to get judgment from their kith and kin. They choose to keep sex toy shopping and usage as part of their personal life and very good relationship with their body, private. Reputable sex toy sellers deliver their products in 100% discreet packaging. They ensure that their products arrive in a plain brown box without branding information.

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