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A rusty sex doll can be a frustrating problem for sex doll enthusiasts, as it can damage the appearance of their beloved collectibles. One area that is particularly susceptible to rust is the bottom of a sex doll’s feet. Fortunately, there are several sealants and products that can be used to prevent rust from forming on the bottom of doll feet.

Clear sealant

One of the best ways to prevent rust on sex doll feet is to use a clear sealant. Clear sealants are available in spray or brush-on forms, and they can be applied to the bottom of the feet to create a barrier that prevents rust from forming. Clear sealants are also safe to use on dolls, as they are non-toxic and will not damage the paint or other materials used to make the doll.

Rust inhibitor

Another option for preventing rust on doll feet is to use a rust inhibitor. These products are specially formulated to prevent rust from forming by creating an environment that is hostile to rust-causing agents. Rust inhibitors are available in both spray and liquid forms, and they can be applied directly to the bottom of the feet.

A popular product to use is a rust converter, which changes rust into a protective coating that is resistant to further rusting. It can be applied over the existing rust on the doll’s feet, and it works by chemically converting the rust into a black protective polymeric coating.

Keep doll feet clean and dry

It’s also important to keep doll feet clean and dry. After you used these sealants or products.

In summary, preventing rust on the bottom of sex doll feet can be achieved through the use of clear sealants, rust inhibitors, and rust converters. These products are safe for use on dolls and can help to protect your collectibles from rust damage. Regular cleaning and keeping the doll in a dry environment also help to ensure that rust doesn’t form in the first place.

Tips for preventing rust from forming on your dolls

Clean regularly

As soon as signs of dirt and debris start appearing, gently clean those off with a soft cloth or brush dipped in soapy water. Doing this routinely will remove any grime build-up before it has a chance to create rust stains.

Apply sealant

Sealants provide a protective barrier against moisture and humidity, which helps prevent rusty spots from developing over time. Look for sealing products formulated specifically for doll-making supplies, or ask a professional craftsman if they would suggest using one first before applying anything else directly onto fabric surfaces like those found underneath many dolls’ feet soles.

Add layers

  • An additional layer such as painter’s tape applied to areas prone to gathering moisture can also help keep down amounts of oxidation present in fabrics.
  • This layer can serve as another buffer between what gets into contact with air, which carries oxygen molecules responsible for causing corrosion overtime.
  • Corrosion mainly occurs during periods when items aren’t touched and are exposed long enough undisturbed.

Storing Tips

  • When not being used, store the sex doll away properly, too!
  • They should ideally remain upright when stored inside something such as boxes that cover all sides completely, instead of just lying flat on a smooth surface without coverage.
  • The doll should be at least 6 meters away from other objects or materials that are susceptible to catching dampness or humidity, due to proximity exposure sources nearby, even through walls.
  • Keep attention to the needs of the fixtures indoors and the surrounding dressings while moving around the space, whether living indoors or outdoors.
  • Outdoor environments could greatly affect the quality and life of the figurines, so keep them out of harm’s way, which often means more than repairs and may save costs on maintenance.

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