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Restoring Your Intimate Companion: A Guide on How to Repair a Sex Doll

Sex dolls can be great for companionship and fantasies, but like anything, they can show signs of wear and tear over time. Whether it’s a little rip, a spot that’s lost its color, or joints that have become stiff, knowing how to fix these issues is vital to keep your doll looking and feeling its best.

Here’s a straightforward guide to giving your beloved companion a fresh lease on life.

Flat Gel Breasts: Regaining Their Shape

Gel breasts are one type of sex doll breasts made with gel soft feel. It’s hollow inside. Flat gel breasts are a common concern. To restore their natural feel, you’ll need a few things: gel A, an empty cup, gel B, needles, and a syringe.

Prepare the Breasts: Start by gently squeezing the nipple area with your fingers and insert a needle. This creates a small opening for the next step. Do this for both breasts.

Making Space: Use the needle to carefully separate the skin from the gel, making a small pocket without harming the skin.

Mix and Pour: Mix gel A and gel B in equal parts (1:1). Stir well to combine them thoroughly. Remember to work quickly because these gels can solidify fast.

Inject the Gel: Attach the syringe to the needle and pour the gel mixture into the breasts. Gently squeeze the breasts to spread the gel evenly.

Silicone Repair: Fixing Tears

If your sex doll has a tear in the silicone, you can repair it easily:

Clean the Area: Start by cleaning the damaged silicone with water to remove dirt and debris. Learn more about how to clean a sex doll.

Mix the Solution: Combine silicone glue and silicone pigment in equal parts (1:1). This mixture ensures a good fix.

Apply the Mixture: Carefully apply the silicone glue and pigment mix to the damaged area. Be thorough but avoid overdoing it.

Patience Pays Off: Let the glue dry for at least 6-8 hours. This gives it time to bond securely and look seamless.

TPE Repair: Fixing Tears in the Skin

For tears in the TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) areas, such as the skin, follow these straightforward steps:

Clean the Area: Start by cleaning the torn TPE area with water to remove any dirt or debris.

Applying TPE Glue: Use TPE glue to mend the damaged area. Apply enough glue for a secure bond, but avoid overdoing it.

Drying Time: Allow the TPE glue to dry for about 30 minutes. During this time, make sure you don’t touch the area you’ve repaired.

In the journey of taking care of your sex doll, you’ve learned how to fix common problems. You can now revive flat gel breasts by gently making an opening, filling them with a mix of gels, and letting it spread evenly. Repairing silicone tears means cleaning, using a mixture of silicone glue and pigment, and waiting for it to dry, ensuring your doll looks perfect.

Fixing TPE skin tears involves cleaning, applying TPE glue, and waiting for it to set. Remember, these repairs aren’t just about looks; they’re about preserving the connection and joy your doll brings. Your companion will be as good as new, ready for your continued happiness.

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