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When people learn about something new, they often start by exploring its origins. The first question that comes to mind is usually about its history. But when you search for the history of sex dolls online, you might come across some seemingly absurd but unclear claims, such as Hitler inventing the sex doll. But is this really true? In this article, FavDoll will delve into this topic, exploring the origins of sex dolls to today’s popular lifelike robots. If you’re interested, let’s embark on this fascinating journey spanning several centuries! Note: This article is based on internet searches and may not reflect true historical facts.

Early Prototypes

The history of sex dolls can be traced back to the 16th and 17th centuries when their early prototypes, though rudimentary, began to take shape. During the Age of Exploration, sailors embarked on long sea voyages to uncover the mysteries of the oceans. However, their sexual needs were difficult to satisfy during these prolonged journeys. To address this, they created early sex dolls known as “dame de voyage.

These “dame de voyage” were handmade leather dolls, quite primitive compared to modern sex dolls. Typically, these dolls were made from old clothes or sewn fabric, featuring playful and simple designs. They were compact, foldable, and easy to store, making them ideal for sailors seeking comfort during long voyages without attracting attention. Despite their simplicity, their creation marked a significant step in human ingenuity and the desire for sexual fulfillment.

First True Sex Doll

As the adage goes, adversity breeds innovation. As the years passed, the old leather-made sex dolls became mundane, and there was a need for better-performing and more realistic creations. In the early 1900s, sex doll designers started what was seen as wild experimentations that sought to make the new pleasure beings more animated and relatable. 

The modern concept of adapting skin-like materials and artificial hair on sex dolls began to shape In the early 20th Century. Though unverified, reports of love doll use during World War II have always been around, with researchers claiming that the Nazi Germany Borghild Project made efforts to introduce inflatable sex dolls. Besides offering companionship and comfort to terror-stricken soldiers, these inflatable dolls helped prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections in the camps. 

Although the new creations were an enormous improvement over the earlier cloth-sewn models, there was still a lot to be done. Unfortunately, the rubber-made sex dolls weren’t as successful as the modern-day models, and production numbers were low. 

Material Upgrade

In the late 1960s, the sex doll industry was undergoing significant developments, with every designer looking to outdo the competition. For the first time, sex dolls were made from vinyl and silicone materials, which were considered more durable and lifelike. Unlike the cloth-sewn models, cleaning and maintenance were straightforward. In addition, silicone and other skin-like materials like TPE were easier to carve, leading to more realistic features.

Another development that was notable during the 1960s was the increased commercialization. Inflatable and TPE sex dolls were mass-produced, and the public perception was slowly changing, leading to more sales. Although buying one was more complicated back then, sex doll users could quickly receive orders through the adult stores that sprung up in major cities and mail-order catalogs.

Real Look & Feel

After the advent of silicone and vinyl, sex doll designers amped the ante by incorporating technology into their creations. Like the previous developments, the goal was to create more realistic models with an extra incentive of customizability. In addition to the human skin-like materials, the new sex dolls included a metal skeleton and movable joints to enhance mobility. 

Unlike the previous love dolls, the technology-inscribed models featured improved sexual activity and a great deal of animated movements during use, making the experience as realistic as possible. RealDoll was among the very first companies to engineer high-end silicone sex dolls with impressive features like skin-like texture, natural facial features, and, most importantly, endless customization options. 

More than anything, the customizable body parts allowed the sex doll user to showcase their design skills. Everything from the choice of the wig to the nail color and areola size, the consumer was heavily engaged. The idea of having the customer choose the ideal features also built brand loyalty and increased word-of-mouth marketing, ultimately enhancing adoption. 

Note: It’s during this time that features like heating functions and moaning capabilities were added to the equation, making the sex dolls more functionally capable and realistic-looking. 

Add Intelligence

As expected, the introduction of AI and robotics to the sex doll industry was a significant step in modernizing the experience. At the moment, the most realistic models can respond to touch, move like a human, and even engage in a simple conversation. As the best of the advancements, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration marked the start of a new age of love dolls that significantly improves both sight and operation. The new AI-powered models look and feel like human beings, with an emphasis on animated movements and feedback.

Note: While the stigma around the sale and use of sex dolls has gradually faded away, with improved adoption over the years, the topics remain controversial. Luckily, there have been positive discussions on the importance of sex dolls and their relevance in alleviating loneliness and improving sexual health. 


Despite the ongoing debate over who invented the first sex doll, it is undeniable that sex dolls have evolved from their initial rudimentary designs to realistic appearances, gradually meeting people’s sexual needs over the centuries. With continuous technological advancements, we believe that future sex dolls will become even more lifelike and intelligent, offering more realistic interactions and tactile feedback.

With this, we conclude our exploration of the history of sex dolls. If you are looking for a realistic sex doll, be sure to choose FavDoll. We are a verified sex doll dealer, offering genuine sex dolls at factory prices. Our products undergo strict quality testing to ensure you have the best possible experience.

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